Friday, 4 April 2014

Finding our Creative Style

After yet another move I was looking through some old boxes and found some of the Pen & Ink drawings I used in my interview for my Art Degree...25 years ago. And realised that although over the years I have worked with various different art mediums, I seem to have gone full circle and returned back to Pen & Ink work. I love the intricate detail you can create simply by shading!

tandy louise designs

tandy louise designs
tandy louise designs

tandy louise designs
I then remembered the post that Rachael Taylor wrote in Module 3 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design about keeping the licensing rights to our work and how the freedom and creativity of our early work can be used years aim this week is to create a pattern from some of my early designs!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What’s your creative style?

What’s your creative style?

What’s your creative style? « Psychologies

Fascinating...and spot on. Find out more about your creative impulses and motivations.

Print Design Trends 2014

Interesting article about following Trends...


1. Type-Only Design

Type-only design comes with minimal distractions thereby conveying the right message in a clear and concise way. For this one needs to be very particular about the choice of words that should be powerful and significant enough to promote deeper message.

2. Image-Only Designs

In print designs, image-only trend works. Image-only layouts with minimal or no typography are visually stunning as images get the due place which contributes in making print design look quite appealing.

3. Luxury Print Designs

If the type of printing is right with luxury printing, it is easy to magnify designs like in 3D printing. Print layouts that have luxury printing tend to shine bigger than the ones that are printed on usual material thereby making the design appear visually appealing.

4. Double Exposure in Print Designs

Wish to give dramatic feel to your print designs? Well, double exposure can help you get the desired results. Double exposure in print designs is a latest trends that is welcomed with wide arms open.

5. White Space

White Space along with text-only/images-only factor included in print design gives finishing design piece some breathing room to make sure that the little details in designs don’t get unnoticed.

6. Full-Page Typography Lock-Ups

All those in print designing know what I am talking about. Books Covers, menus, brochures and many other print designs come with typography lock up that makes the over all design look visually simple, clean and well organized making the layout easily readable.

7. Nature Photography

You might have seen lot many brochures with natural photographs that make them look visually magnificent. Adding to the overall appeal, the high-quality nature photographs help in creating emotions and this trend works for almost any type of industry. The trend will continue this year in print design. 

I agree to the fact that some of the above listed trends are carried forward from the previous years but then with the addition of new ones, you are sure to enhance your creative skills and come up with amazing print design.

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